Saturday, February 7, 2009

Welcome to Boweival!

David and I are so excited to shoot today in Enterprise, Alabama! I have been to the little town of Boweival before... But I had forgotten how small it really was! We drove around for about an hour looking for some place (besides Waffle House) to have breakfast together! We finally had to settle with WH.. So much for having a "romantic" breakfast together without kids! I loved that they had a sign up in there that said " You had a choice... and you chose us! Thanks!". Not so much true in Boweival.

Anyways.. Tomorrow I am hoping to get a picture with the statue that is dedicated to the Boweival. Yes.. It is a town named after a bug. And yes.. There is a statue.

But today we get to shoot another fabulous wedding! Pictures to come soon! I am so excited to shoot with my new 5D Mark II today... We will see what this baby can do!

So to tide you all over, here is a pic of David and I eating our 1000 calorie breakfasts..

EDIT: pic to come later.. Problems with iBlogger!

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April Hollingsworth said...

I love the Boweival monument! We went by there to have our picture made at the statue and everyone driving by was laughing at us! I also have an old postcard of the monument! Can't wait to see them!