Saturday, February 28, 2009

Austin scores!!!!!

Today was Austin's first soccer game! I was so excited to see how he would do! It is hilarious to watch them all play- they really do not understand the purpose of the game yet... but hopefully by the end of the season they will all be on the same page!

David is in Belize... so he missed the first game. :( But of course we videoed and took pictures of it all for him to see.

I grew up playing about every sport I could.. I have always been very competitive. It is a whole other world when you are watching your own kids play! I am still a "bit" competitive. Water breaks were a time when I "gently" encouraged him to run a "tad" faster... take the ball from the other kid and SCORE!

I looked at my dad and said "all I want is for him to score!"...... AND HE DID! He took the ball down the whole field and put it right in the goal. I was so excited that I ran down to him screaming to give him a high five. I hope that is what the other parents would of done! :) Otherwise I might be known as the loud one.

Anyways- here are a few of our soccer star and a clip of him scoring at the end! All of these pics are courtesy of my dad! Maybe he is where I get my photography skills from!


This was Austin talking to his dad in Belize right after he scored his goal! I texted him to tell him he had scored and he called!

And a couple of Bradyn.....


April Hollingsworth said...

Did you use a photoshop action on the first set? Was it from TRA? Which one was it if you don't mind telling me.

Sublime Studios said...

Hey April! Let's see.... I edited it in bridge and added some blacks.. contrast.. bumped up the saturation a tad...then took it into photoshop and used kevin kubotas magic sharp action. I am pretty sure that is all!

Jerilyn said...

Your boys are so darn cute! Congrats to Austin on his score!

I love the kid in the fourth picture picking his wedgie or scratching an itch, priceless!

Sublime Studios said...

haha Jerilyn... I was waiting for someone to notice that! I could not help but laugh!

Rox said...

Fun pictures!!!

Sublime Studios said...

Thanks for stopping by Rox!

Marlyse said...

you...the loud one? NEVER!
Austin rocks!

briana said...

i love the first one! not fair, you have lil mini models to work with whenever you want. thats why you had kids wasnt it, so you would have free available models whenever you wanted, im on to you, =)

Sublime Studios said...

I know Mar! I am always so quiet! ;)

Thanks Bri... you have figured me out. That is the only reason I have kids ;) More of a reason for you to! haha

Cathy Crawley said...

Awww, how cute is he! He looks a bit like my Ben! *sigh*