Sunday, November 16, 2008

Taking Risks:)

I forgot to mention my fun adventure last night. Lea wanted a picture with her guests around them with torches. There was no balcony to shoot from, so I requested a ladder. After finding out the ladder was only 6 feet high, I had to improvise. Here is the picture and where I climbed:) - DAVID




Brian @ DLweddings said...

thats pretty dangerous. Personally, I always equip a grappling hook and zip line to my tool belt. You can learn more at He knows how to get it done.

Peter said...

Courtney GREAT WORK, very impressive photography.
Thanks for stopping to "network" after the plane ride into St. Pete from

Just finished viewing the blog and its very ironic to see another Canon System shooter so excited about getting a new lens (1.2 indeed, I'm still trying to justify the outlay for my 70-200, 2.8 L, . . . "someday my lens will come"). Thanks for stopping to talk after the flight, definite highlight of my trip as I was pretty much just down from Michigan tying up family business.

Glad to meet you I will definitely look you up the next time I am in sunny St. Pete. BTW - when will "Sublime"(™, © & ®) the studio be completed? I can't wait see it and your work in person.

Sublime Studios said...


The "Batman" in me comes out when the sun goes down. My Shootsac serves as my tool belt. Batman has nothing on me. - DAVID