Saturday, March 15, 2008

Chris and Inka are Married!

I enjoyed capturing your wedding today! I told you that I would post a little preview while you are on your honeymoon. Here are a few of my favorites. I will have the rest online and mailed to you within the next couple weeks. Congratulations again! - David


Jess Cumbie said...

that was a "little preview" !! The photos are beautiful!!! I love the one of her earring, and in the mirror, and the little boxes and of them dancing... :D

Smith Gallery Photography said...

ooh- these are gorgeous!

The secret of the print on my blog - in photoshop I boosted the mid-levels/made a slight S-curce in curves and (here's the trick) then while using the 'un-sharp mask'-found under filters- bumped the amount to 100% bumped radius up to around 60pixels (which is where the effect comes from) and then I leave the threshold at 0.

I hope this is useful! Your work is beautiful!